About Ronald K.

Ronald KStockmarketmindgames provides blogging, seminars, previews and education in stocks and other instruments. It’s a one-stop learning centre for stock market enthusiasts who wishes to learn and know the truth about the stock market. Frustrated with having to read news, reports, analysis to keep up with the latest information, the creation of stockmarketmindgames blog allowed for the latest market outlook beforehand to be broadcasted through one specific medium.

Stockmarketmindgames continues to educate and inspire new traders in Singapore and other parts of the world to learn the art of speculation. The growth of stockmarketmindgames has seen its focus transcend from its initial roots to encompass all forms of trading, investments and speculation — making it the premier online blog for stock market enthusiasts, financial advisers, traders and remisers.

Ronald K, a market psychologist and stock market speculator who loves tracking all random acts of heavy buying and selling activity way before the market is about to breakout/collapsed. Being the only speculator herein Singapore who is able to predict the market day to day activity, his uncanny ability towards reading market movements, precision timing towards execution on stocks before the breakout/breakdown and trade records speaks volume for itself.

Till date, he had discovered many powerful yet amazing strategies which is highly sought after like “The Science Behind Precision Timing”, “The Art of Appearing In Top Volume” and “The Art of No Volume”. These are just a tip of an ice berg, there are more unbelievable and amazing results on his blog at http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.sg