Series 1: The Stock Market Framework

  • Recognize how Supply and Demand is formulated
  • The Hidden Agenda of the Stock Market

Series 2: The approach towards Stock Market

  • Dismissing Technical Analysis
  • Dismissing Fundamental Analysis
  • Ronald K’s proprietary approach – Mind Analysis

Series 2.1: Anticipating ploys from Stock Operators

  • Interpretation of a manipulated Stock Market
  • The revelation of Mind Reading
  • The orchestrate moves of Stock Operators aka Big Boys
    • Accumulation
    • Markup
    • Distribution
    • Selldown
  • Pursuing an entry along with the Stock Operators

Series 2.2: The essence of my strategy

  • Diagnosing a stock display of strength and weakness
  • Determining scheme of Hidden Buying or Hidden Selling
  • Indications of Profit Taking
  • Symptoms of obvious excitement and panic of a Stock
  • The underlying process of Short Selling

Series 2.3: My secrets revealed!

  • The Art of Contra Trading
  • The term ‘Rollover’ and its POWERFUL principle.
  • Series 3: Applying the skills on a universal field
  • Trading Indices, Futures, Commodities, Forex

Series 4: Cultivating the critical attribution of humans – Emotion

  • Priming our action to achieve Profits
  • The rule of being decisive! – Cutting Losses
  • How to develop Guts/ Confidence for greater accomplishment
  • The importance of protecting capital
  • Money Management Rules

Series 5: Case Studies

  • Individual stock counter charts